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Central European Gas Congress

September 22 -23, 2022

The Central European Gas Congress takes place on the occasion of two important gas industry anniversaries,
110 years since the discovery of natural gas on Slovak territory and the 50th anniversary of the transit of natural gas through it.
However, at this very time, the whole of Europe is facing an unprecedented energy crisis caused by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Energy security is therefore also a key topic of the Central European Gas Congress, which will seek answers to the question of what sources of gas supplies to replace those from Russia,
what the future holds for natural gas in Europe and how it can be replaced by hydrogen, for example.

Celebrate with us

Eustream commemorates a significant milestone in 2022,
50th anniversary of the beginning of natural gas transit through the Slovak territory.

At the beginning of  2023, NAFTA will celebrate 110th anniversary since the discovery of natural gas in the Slovak territory, which took place near the town of Gbely.

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Our members are companies that sell, distribute, transport gas and oil, as well as equipment suppliers and other service providers.


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